Here is the vineyard: we are in the highest part of the La Groletta vineyard, at an altitude of 250 meters, overlooking Lake Garda but also sheltered by the Lessini Mountains:
a splendid position, because the microclimate has to be just perfect.

The soil, too, is meagre and cool, optimum conditions for obtaining that ideal of quality that guided our project.

Discovering the potential of a single vineyard, of a terroir that is unique in its extraordinary quality and which enshrines the history and traditions of the Valpolicella zone, then transforming it into a wine which, with its respect for nature and perfect harmony with the rhythm of the seasons, represents the beginning of a renaissance for Amarone.

La Groletta, in the commune of Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella.
Total area 10 hectares; selection of the grapes in the 1.9 hectares of the parcel, and from around 0.5 ha of the La Groletta cru
Altitude 250 meters above sea level
Exposure South-West: the vineyard faces Lake Garda
Characteristics of the soil: Clayey and calcareous, of medium texture and moderately stony; pH 7-7.5 Soil that has little cover vegetation, is poor in organic matter and rich in limestone, potassium, and calcium, and with low concentrations of magnesium and iron.
Vine training system Guyot, with a plant density of 6,500 vines per hectare
The average age of the vines 30 years old.
Yield per hectare 6,000 kilos per hectare, with a yield of 40% in wine following the drying process

“La Groletta” vineyard ~ Something that is extraordinary cannot come from something ordinary.