De Buris, the art of decanting at Tommasi Family Estates

Revelling in time and the company of a great Amarone 

There are the everyday affairs that fill micro-managed agendas and then there are the moments that make each life truly unique. In order for time to flow freely,  maybe there is a need to pause and let events decant, allowing their messages to come into focus and, perhaps, bring unimaginable and positive change.

We have done this with a wine we consider to be one-of-a-kind and which represents our path, our evolution and our growth.

Our Amarone De Buris, which is aged for ten years, is ready to accompany the upcoming festivities, a time where we will have the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the intimacy of our home in the company of our loved ones. Let’s allow ourselves time to reflect, or let’s simply indulge ourselves, letting loose and choosing to be carefree for a moment, opening ourselves up to new horizons.


De Buris 2009 shows us the value of time: an Amarone that is incredibly refined to the nose, with aromas of sour and dark cherry, that evolve from spices to cocoa bean. On the palate, it displays its very dynamic personality, with a fine velvety texture and nice verticality. It has a good consistency, but never gives a sense of being heavy: as you sip, it’s serene, balanced, and yields a never-ending finish.


The ritual of opening a bottle and allowing the wine to rest in a decanter, allow it to breathe and release its rich bouquet. One sip after another, as the glass is rotated between your fingers, this wine displays its beautiful ruby red colour. The exuberant power of tannins and a pulpy fruitiness are nicely balanced and highlighted by aromatic notes and by a precious freshness.
De Buris 2009 is the result of 110 days of appassimento; this period of time, after five years of ageing in large barrels of Slavonian oak, finds itself multiplied in the final glass as richness, complexity and depth.


Drawing a parallel with the world of music, De Buris has the same enchanting effect as the Andante tempo of Mozart’s Piano Concerto n. 21: a musical masterpiece that accompanies listeners into the flux of time, and a luxurious wine that accompanies our most important moments.