Antonio Sortino

His works are a mix of analog and digital, with a palette of colors that create all together with a playful game. Fine details, vibrant color palette, and surprising subject matter are his hallmarks.

lllustrator and graphic designer, he lives and works in Milan.
Founder and art director of FestiWall, Ragusa international Festival of art.
He has worked for the New Yorker, New York times, WirtschaftsWoche, Les echos, The telegraph, Wired UK, Modus, Icon, La Repubblica, Il sole 24 ore.

For De Buris Illustre, Antonio dedicated his art to Springtime and Blossoming.

“The weather in 2009 was characterized by a rather
cold autumn and winter, with abundant rainfall.
Average temperatures in March were slightly
higher than usual and led to bud-break taking
place about a week earlier than in the previous
year. Vegetative growth proceeded rapidly in the
spring and blossoming was early.
In these significant phases Time demands respect:
the vineyard is not a factory but is made up of
living matter, which has its own soul. We have to
understand this soul, adapt, and allow it the Time
it requires.”