De Buris is the luxury of time:
The oenological project from the Tommasi family’s fourth generation is designed to challenge the status quo of tradition. It is conceived as an Amarone Riserva that aims to become the most enticing contemporary interpretation of the territory it represents, the Valpolicella Classica.

De Buris elevates the experience and becomes a vital space for creative experimentation in new communication mediums. Wine is form, colour, aroma and taste, but it is also musicality and harmony.
The Luxury of Time for De Buris 2010 merges music and oenology into an artistic work in an original symphonic collection: The Wine Record.

The Wine Record

#TheWineRecord is the first concept album where wine becomes music.
Giacomo Ceschi, artist and sound designer, has composed 8 tracks that trace the sounds of the wine production cycle to the sound translation of 2010 weather data, thus producing an unprecedented composition of sounds.

The notes we hear and the notes that echo on the palate play in unison. De Buris 2010 thus becomes a new, yet always intimate and pleasant experience.

The sound of time is served.

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#TheWineRecord is the first concept album where wine becomes music.

The sound of time is served. Click here.

The Artist Giacomo Ceschi

The common thread linking Giacomo to music is his continuous and profound exploration of the essence of sound. After attending the electronic music course at the “Arrigo Pedrollo” Conservatory in Vicenza, he has pursued his vision through live performances, field recordings and interactive installations. Artistic director of Path Festival, Giacomo travels in the universe of sound, bringing together reason and experimentation, in a result that changes through time, space and medium.

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