De Buris: a must drink, rare and desired

De Buris Amarone della Valpolicella Classico docg Riserva, shines among the prestigious reds of the world and the great Italian classics, is confirmed as one of the best in the world: a must drink, rare and desired.

The Vivino community, the largest digital wine marketplace, with its 50 million users, has spoken.
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De Buris is confirmed as the must-drink of the season according to Vivino, and among the 100 best wines in the world: the rarest, the most desired and the most expensive.

The 2010 vintage has deserved the highest awards from the most important Italian guides and excellent reviews from the most prestigious international wine critics, confirming a path aimed exclusively at quality and excellence.

De Buris represents the maximum potential that a single vineyard and a terroir, unique in its extraordinary qualities, can express in a wine», comments Giancarlo Tommasi, enologist  «I like to think, with satisfaction and pride, that the 2010 vintage contains the essence of the Valpolicella area: De Buris represents the contemporary reinterpretation of our traditions, of our ancestors’ techniques of production, and, at the same time, the elegance and harmony of an artefact: in other words, the beauty.


De Buris 2010 launch

What a pleasure to share the luxury of time with journalists, partners and clients for the unveiling of the 2010 vintage of De Buris set to the live performance and installation #TheWineRecord in the intimacy of La Groletta vineyard and Villa De Buris. We thank you!

De Buris is Tommasi’s luxury brand with a rich history that celebrates the family’s wine-making mastery, while representing a vital space for creative experimentation in new communication mediums. Wine is form, colour, aroma and taste, but it is also musicality and harmony.

This year, the De Buris 2010 merges music and oenology into an artistic work in an original symphonic collection: The Wine Record by artist and sound designer Giacomo Ceschi.

For those interested in discovering more about the creation of #TheWineRecord, please visit our website.

The Wine Record | La Groletta vineyard – Villa De Buris
By Giacomo Ceschi
Video Orango Films
Commissioned by De Buris

The wine: Amarone Riserva De Buris 2010

Discovering the potential of a single vineyard, of a terroir that is unique in its extraordinary quality and which enshrines the history and traditions of the Valpolicella zone, then transforming it into a wine which, with its respect for nature and perfect harmony with the rhythm of the seasons, represents the beginning of a renaissance for Amarone.

De Buris Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Docg Riserva 2010

Opening my eyes,
a ruby-colored curtain attracts attention.
Broad tones of raspberries and ripe cherries emanate from the nose,
In a rich arpeggio, unexpectedly abundant.
The palate is pure vitality,
The initial sip, a spontaneous chorus of lively persuasion.
A moving serenade of tannins envelops the palate
in a warm balance of harmonious contrasts.
The fresh vintage is a gift, it provides elegance and verticality,
A mirror reflecting potential.
Marked by the seasons,
The delicate balance of acidity and minerality does not interrupt the show,
but expands on it,
in an improvisation that extends joyfully in an endless sequence.
The protagonist is the one, the only,
De Buris 2010 Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG Riserva.


Number of bottles of De Buris 2010

8.268 bottles of a 750 ml

150 magnum bottles of 1.500 ml

Technical sheet

Awards for De Buris Amarone della Valpolicella Doc Riserva Docg 2010

Gambero Rosso 3 bicchieri
Wine Spectator 93/100
Doctor Wine 96/100
James Suckling 92/100
Vini Buoni Corona

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2010 vintage

2010 Harvest diary

Bud-break 15th April

Flowering 10th June

Fruit set 17th June

Véraison 12th August

De Buris was conceived in the Valpolicella Classica area, at an altitude of 250 meters, in the highest part of the prestigious La Groletta vineyard.
Surrounded by the freshness of a tranquil Lake Garda and the austerity of the Lessini Mountains, the land boasts a soprano microclimate and a vigorous terroir rich in limestone. The authoritative reputation of the vineyard does not, however, have supremacy over the whims of the weather, which guides the quality that will then distinguish the entire evolution of the wine.

The cool vintage opened with a harsh and rainy winter followed by a summer dictated by substantial temperature variations: the meteorological fluctuations caused a slowdown in the development of the plants and a consequent slight delay in harvesting.
The ripening of the grapes, picked in loose clusters and characterized by a thick skin ideal for drying, was completed with lower amounts of sugars, more marked by sustained acidity.

The 2010 harvest was, for all intent and purpose, the result of a continuous search for quality and excellence, given by intense and precise work, by congruous medium-short pruning, and by rigorous respect for the plants.

Even the new winemaking equipment did not disappoint, showing themselves to be precious allies, both from the point of view of fermentation kinetics and the evolution of the wine itself. De Buris Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG Riserva 2010 differs from the previous vintage. It amazes thanks to its aromatic grace, surprising freshness and rich harmony characterized by fragrant fruity tones and a virtuous austerity.

The positive vintage is deemed a success, even if, as De Buris teaches us, it will always be the task of time to utter a last, judicious word.

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Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Docg Riserva 2010

The Wine Record

De Buris is the luxury of time:
The oenological project from the Tommasi family’s fourth generation is designed to challenge the status quo of tradition. It is conceived as an Amarone Riserva that aims to become the most enticing contemporary interpretation of the territory it represents, the Valpolicella Classica.

De Buris elevates the experience and becomes a vital space for creative experimentation in new communication mediums. Wine is form, colour, aroma and taste, but it is also musicality and harmony.
The Luxury of Time for De Buris 2010 merges music and oenology into an artistic work in an original symphonic collection: The Wine Record.

The Wine Record

#TheWineRecord is the first concept album where wine becomes music.
Giacomo Ceschi, artist and sound designer, has composed 8 tracks that trace the sounds of the wine production cycle to the sound translation of 2010 weather data, thus producing an unprecedented composition of sounds.

The notes we hear and the notes that echo on the palate play in unison. De Buris 2010 thus becomes a new, yet always intimate and pleasant experience.

The sound of time is served.

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#TheWineRecord is the first concept album where wine becomes music.

The sound of time is served. Click here.

The Artist Giacomo Ceschi

The common thread linking Giacomo to music is his continuous and profound exploration of the essence of sound. After attending the electronic music course at the “Arrigo Pedrollo” Conservatory in Vicenza, he has pursued his vision through live performances, field recordings and interactive installations. Artistic director of Path Festival, Giacomo travels in the universe of sound, bringing together reason and experimentation, in a result that changes through time, space and medium.

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