Summertime - Alice Piaggio

For her, art is above all fun.
Her freehand illustrations are full of details, rich textures, and characters: lively, colorful chaos sketched with intelligence and irony.

Born in Genoa, but raised in Bogliasco, a small village frequented by surfers and fishermen. in 2014 she graduated from the Academy of Fine arts and in the same year, she moved to Urbino where, in 2017, she graduated from the course of illustration to the ISIA.
Co-founder of Pelo magazine collaborates with Italian and foreign magazines.

Alice Piaggio dedicated her art to De Buris Wine and Summertime.

The weather in 2009 remained fine throughout the summer, but with abundant rains in the first week of July, while August was torrid. Temperatures returned to normal in September and there was excellent thermal excursion between day and night, fundamental for enlarging the grapes’ cornucopia of aromas. Thanks to the excellent weather, the harvest took place in perfect conditions. What had begun as an experiment and a challenge, the 2009 vintage made us become a team and carry out ten years of constant and obsessive care and attention, from the harvest to put the wine on the market. In these ten years we have taken all the time we needed to understand the soil, the grapes, and the wine, and then make all the right decisions to add to the grandeur of our Amarone the easy-drinking, elegant style it had when it was first made.
And so begins the renaissance of this wine.

Giancarlo Tommasi, Oenologist

Spring - Antonio Sortino

Antonio Sortino

His works are a mix of analog and digital, with a palette of colors that create all together with a playful game. Fine details, vibrant color palette, and surprising subject matter are his hallmarks.

lllustrator and graphic designer, he lives and works in Milan.
Founder and art director of FestiWall, Ragusa international Festival of art.
He has worked for the New Yorker, New York times, WirtschaftsWoche, Les echos, The telegraph, Wired UK, Modus, Icon, La Repubblica, Il sole 24 ore.

For De Buris Illustre, Antonio dedicated his art to Springtime and Blossoming.

“The weather in 2009 was characterized by a rather
cold autumn and winter, with abundant rainfall.
Average temperatures in March were slightly
higher than usual and led to bud-break taking
place about a week earlier than in the previous
year. Vegetative growth proceeded rapidly in the
spring and blossoming was early.
In these significant phases Time demands respect:
the vineyard is not a factory but is made up of
living matter, which has its own soul. We have to
understand this soul, adapt, and allow it the Time
it requires.”

Winter - Andrea Mongia

Andrea Mongia follows his vision of De Buris throughout winter 2019/2020.
Whether his approach is narrative or conceptual, he fascinates you with his essential yet refined style, in which the light and colors seem to be fixed in his landscapes and panoramic views with the aim of drawing the observer into the world of his imagination. Freelance illustrator, he lives and works in Rome. he has been selected by Forbes in the 30 under 30 in art & Culture list. Andrea Mongia’s illustrations have illuminated the pages of the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Guardian, the Economist, and multiple books. He has exhibited in Italy and the US and is a member of studio pilar, a cultural association, and collective of four illustrators.

De Buris is not only wine.
De Buris is an enchanted spot and a villa full of history and art,
whose roots stretch back to Roman times.
Villa De Buris contains two thousand years of history of the Valpolicella area:
here the De Buris project has found the ideal space in which to grow and develop”.

Autumn - Giacomo Bagnara

The Tommasi family challenged four young talented illustrators to revolutionize the traditional approach to wine, and instead capture Time, Place and Heritage. Through the universal language of illustration. De Buris Illustre was born.

His capacity for synthesis and use of colors, together with rigorous research on shapes, is what makes Giacomo’s work unique, bold, and explosive.
Freelance illustrator collaborates with The New Yorker, The New York Times, Die Zeit, Mondadori, Apple, Sony.
His work has been selected and recognized from American illustration, 3x3magazine, and the Society of illustrators.
Giacomo Bagnara has a degree in architecture and currently lives and works in Verona.

Here followed his vision of De Buris throughout Autumn 2019.

“Everything begins in the vineyard:
you cannot obtain an extraordinary product from ordinary origins.
La Groletta, at Sant’Ambrogio della Valpolicella and 250 meters above sea level,
has always been considered a premium zone due to the quality of its grapes:
the very best place to create a dream”.

Progetto Illustre

The De Buris cultural project has been created because Valpolicella Classica encompasses qualities that go beyond the world of wine. The Tommasi family challenged four young talented illustrators to revolutionize the traditional approach to wine, and instead capture Time, Place and Heritage through the universal language of illustration.

De Buris Illustre was born.

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